3rd Wave Media

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Vishal Menon, Founder and CEO of 3rd Wave Media is an epitome of workaholism blended with qualities like focus, leadership and expert subject knowledge on major specifics of marketing, consultation and branding. He is highly strategic and creative by nature and this has made the journey of 3rd Wave Media more interesting and motivating.  The venture dates back to somewhere at the ending of the year 2012. Growing small to big is a story of success and adventure so is the tale of this agency.

About 3rd Wave Media India​

The journey began taking tiny steps as a social media content agency. It began its operations from a rental one-bedroom home. Soon the focus was shifted to other channels like branding and offline capabilities. Work does not need a plush office and good work is about commitment and dedication, trust and client satisfaction; this ideology of Vishal Menon gave rise to a dedicated and ergonomic office space in 2014. He works with a dynamic team and his role involves guiding and mentoring his team with brainstorming ideas. He offers complete freedom of expression when it comes to thought driven creativity and fresh ideas. His charisma has lead 3rd Wave media to a one-stop solution and a 360-degree marketing agency with an in-house motion graphics department with video capabilities as well.  The agency with its expertise is capable of undertaking projects and works both offline and online, following a Phygital strategy. 3rd Wave Media is a part of Menon Media Ventures and specializes in various things right from creating a logo to generating traffic to a website