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Better service starts here. This is what we do. All our thinking, making, marketing and measuring wrapped up in a results-getting bow. We listen, we engage, we create! We as a team of creative nerds focus on user experiences and therefore making the truth worth sharing.

Scroll down and find some of our finest works we have done so far.


JUGHEAD’S the UNRESTAURANT is an Italian restaurant Bar and Grill. The brand is spread across many places around the city and has been functional for nearly fifteen years. This campaign aimed to reactivate its audience via social media platforms and increase engagement throughout. The campaign was carried out on both online and offline platform. The brand kept the T20 Matches as the focus since people in India honour cricket as a great party line for entertainment and fun. This campaign was powered by Kingfisher and Carlsberg; two most known beer selling companies.

Precious Memory

Seagate Technology is an American data storage company. It is also known as the world leader in hard disks, drives and storage solutions. Today, it holds 50% share in the Hard Drives market in India. Seagate Technology had organised a contest called the “Precious Memories” where Facebook was used as a platform and the campaign lasted for five days, that is from 27th July to 31st July


“Make your life wireless” is the only focus of Rapoo to make it to this day. Established in 2002, RAPOO is dedicated to offering excellent, roundbreaking wireless peripheral products to users around the world. In the future, they hope to become more dedicated and innovative, allowing “Wireless Your Life” to go global and bringing a brand-new lifestyle and unique wireless.

enjoyment to everyone. Through a set of the most interacting puller ideas, Gaming Contests moreover Rapoo’s Diwali ki Diwali Contests, we made the campaign happen. The campaign took place from 30th October to 20th November 2018, on both online and offline platforms. The blend of the festival and the sentiments of Indian people would make a better connection to the product.


The Grand Lotus Banquets has recently acquired this banquets hall known as Lotus Banquets. They are looking to revamp the brand reputation using digital marketing services such as SEO, SEM, SMO, and SMM.


Seagate Technology is an American data storage company. It is also known as the world leader in hard disks, drives and storage solutions. Seagate Technology had organised a campaign for Friendship Day which was called “The Backup Buddy Contest”. Facebook was used as a platform for this campaign given 36 hours from 6th August to 7th August. The term “Backup Buddy” has been originated keeping in mind the merchandise Backup Plus by Seagate and a buddy always being there at any given point of your time. The thought behind the campaign was to make a mutual recall between the best thought of product offering of the brand and therefore the bond shared between friends.


Father’s Day is a celebration honouring paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. It is acknowledged around the globe, however, it is not greatly celebrated in the part of India. The idea of organising the campaign was to celebrate “Father’s Day” in a monumental manner; it was called the #SuperDadChallenge. The campaign was held online in the form of a contest and a creative listicle from the date June 9th to June 18th.

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