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Copywriting and Content Publishing

Many businesses who have built a powerful product, struggle to communicate with their customers the most important thing: “why should you buy from us”. It is hard for anyone and the founder at 3rd Wave Media to be so deeply involved in their business.

Copywriting and Content Publishing

Scripted, short form, long form; for digital, sales, editorial, and beyond. A one-stop-agency, professional content writing agency, we offer ourselves like a team member with just one focus area: deploying our editorial excellence in creating powerful core communication around your product. We spend time acutely understanding the business, identifying key speaking points, and finally creating powerful, “wow” messaging around them.

For 9+ years, we have built trusted partnerships with an extraordinary roster of startups, SME’s and large enterprises, helping them tell business stories, move hearts, get recognized to drive perfect results. Reach out to 3rd Wave Media for knowing more.

Our Client is Our Family

In digital marketing, results are EVERYTHING. As a digital marketing company, our clients come first, and we are proud to work with some of the best brands. We work with our clients to get the growth in digital marketing that eventually brings up a smile. We have built brands right from the scratch and have also made some of the prominent brands further their recognition as a leader in the market.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Copywriting is a profession by itself. It is an act of writing the text for advertisements or other forms of marketing. The outcome is called the copy or sales copy, written for brand awareness. A good copy aims to persuade the target customers of a brand. Content writing on the other hand is a descriptive text used to enlighten users about a particular topic. It is detailed and informative.

Copywriters can create content for billboards, brochures, catalogues; magazine and newspaper advertisements. They can also create scripts and jingle lyrics for radio or television commercials. They become a part of marketing communications like sales letters, email generation, white papers etc. and in this social media world, they can create impressively and out of the box social media posts.

Content writers are hired for creating a descriptive article on different industry requirements. A content writer can be an expert in creating a blog, a personal or a media journal with an interactive tone. A content writer can also create a press release, web content, and social media posts. The content writer also fits in the shoes of report writer, copywriter; business and direct marketing content writing.

A good copy or content is impressive and often convincing while enticing the reader. Many businesses hire a copywriter or content publishing agency to set up a clear and good image of the company on the web and social media pages. 3rd Wave Media caters to the best copywriting and content writing services. We strongly believe in research and complete analysis of any business strategies and requirements with an eye for detail. We ensure brand equity and reputation.

Content publishing is a crucial trend for data-driven marketing and in the world of computers, content is not a piece on paper, written using a pen. An upright content publisher will keep an eye on editorial perspective and captivating content that might woe a target audience and focus more on the business outcome. 3rd Wave Media specializes in generating blog, video, audio marketing contents, business communications and brand awareness topics, under one roof.

A rich or right content about a brand or a product declares its utility and services. This information is generated to create a great impact on digital platforms and channels. Brand recognition is important to promote a business and 3rd Wave Media focus on distributing your content to your targets by creating brand recognition by highlighting the key features and the best leads through audio and visual cues. Generating social media recognition is another benchmark of our creative agency.

The human brain gets attracted towards a visual first than reading a written word. The text that goes along with the visuals play a great role in creating an impression for the viewers and of course the online consumers. Visual content is one of the best marketing techniques to share valuable information. The engaging visuals with core values of inspiration, education or strong emotions can make the promotion of a written, audio, or video content stand on top rankings just like a reel on Instagram or a meme on Facebook or Twitter.

Yes, the SEO channels like Google, Quora or yahoo answers and the social media platforms like LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram or Facebook to name a few; highlights content with optimal engagement and wide exposure. User-generated content, videos, live streams, infographic content, awareness and educational stories get a lot of attention on search engines and social media. The audience feels a strong resonation with the published content and that is where one can feel the magic of content publishing through these channels.

Internet is flooded with information and to create plagiarism free content one needs a content writer. A content publishing agency will ensure that the target consumers will get authentic and important information with a goal to educate and propelling them towards a better decision. The rich content adds to an increased search engine ranking.  Most of the online consumers are operating through digital platforms and social media channels. 3rd Wave Media strides shoulder to shoulder with the new trends of content creation and publishing strategies.

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