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Influencers are someone or something with the power to influence the customer buying habits. Influence can be good or bad so is an influencer who exercise influence on a group or community. An influencer in the marketing stream is a magnetic power to promote products through endorsements or recommendations. Influencers are growing at a fast pace. Market-research techniques can be applied to identify influencers for brand awareness, conversion or sales.

One must have certainly heard a term- ‘Social Media Influencer.’ These influencers can be trendsetters or have a large social network with a great fan following. A social media influencer takes computable actions like uploading original or sponsored content to social media platforms. Social media influencers, bloggers, podcasters, journalists, professionals can fit in the frame of influencers. Influencer marketing strategy draws a line between traditional and contemporary marketing activities.


Influencer marketing is growing with the internet world getting exposure day by day. The advancements happening in the digital space and social media is creating a great hype making this strategy more interesting. Influencer marketing in traditional advertisement revolves around celebrities. Celebrity endorsement is still influential in the current scenario. The best way to categorize influencers is social media influencers with a huge fan base; celebrities with a large fan following and niche content creators.

The B2B and B2C influencers can be categorized separately. Under the B2C belt, an influencer can be a consumer influencing the target audience. In B2B transactions, an influencer can be consultants, government-backed regulators, financiers, and even someone from user communities.

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3rd Wave Media a dynamic digital marketing agency help you to grow with the right steps of influencer marketing. Where there is a will, there is a way! So, if there is a goal, there is a strategy towards implementation. Awareness is not what you just see! Awareness especially for brands is about credibility and trust. We understand the influencer landscape deeply and make you confident with our strategies. Influence is not just influenced; it is empowerment with 3rd Wave Media.

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In digital marketing, results are EVERYTHING. As a digital marketing company, our clients come first, and we are proud to work with some of the best brands. We work with our clients to get the growth in digital marketing that eventually brings up a smile. We have built brands right from the scratch and have also made some of the prominent brands further their recognition as a leader in the market.

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Most frequent questions and answers

Influencer marketing can be defined as a brand collaborating with an online influencer. The role of the influencer is to market products or services with the purpose to increase brand recognition. This strategy revolves around schedules and one can develop the same with PR, emails, product releases, meetings face to face with the influencers. One can either find influencers in many ways. One can check for them on social media channels or work directly with an influencer or agency. The key is to be organized, plan, research and draw a budget. Some might agree that influencer marketing is all about fanfare and popularity. Agree or disagree, influencer marketing is far ahead in different marketing methodologies.

There are different types of influencers.  They can be classified by the number of followers, type of content and level of influence. The one with many followers can be further classified into mega-influencers, micro-influencers, macro-influencers and nano-influencers. The ones with the type of content are bloggers, YouTubers, Podcasters and social media personalities. The level of influence category includes celebrities, opinion leaders like journalists, academics, professionals, advisors, industry experts and so on… Every type of influencer has powerful traits to build a strong influence.

It is not just about clicking a beautified selfie and posting on social media. An influencer can affiliate marketing and display product advertising on different platforms – social media, newspapers, blogs, or podcasts. Their responsibility and strategies are not specific to one medium but different areas like showcasing sponsored posts, product or brand images, videos or brand campaigns. Some can even take up the role of acting as brand ambassadors. Promoting merchandise, building subscriptions, representing courses or creating e-books are some of the other services offered by influencers.

Influencer marketing can shape wisely with user-generated content (UGC). Sharing the UGC is the best idea as people trust the user experience more than the brand itself. Testimonials work magic and the influencer will act as Aladdin’s lamp to attract customers and guide them to put testimonials on your website, groups, pages, video networks and so on. One can even think of offering discounts and promotional schemes through influencers.  Check the authenticity of your influencer, their valuable content. Beware, there are fake influencers who claim to have a huge followers bank.

Some celebrities play the role of influencers. One must be beware of fake influencers who generate fake followers. Influencer marketing is not just about popularity but about trust. It is not simple like offering money and demanding them to say good about your establishment/products/ services/ brands or company. Look for influencers who are popular but not one who works for the sake of money. Influencer marketing is not a money magnet that gives you instant results. Patience is the key. Don’t assume or make your notion that the people with a huge fan following are the influencers of a niche.

It may not be incorrect if one says that celebrities were the first influencers and that was a reality before social media was born. Celebrity endorsement on TV or radio was quite prominent earlier times and so is it today. Many businesses have leapt towards success graph with celebrities endorsing a product and eventually it is them who make a product into a brand with their fanbase and influence. Considering the budgets, they may sound costlier and it will be worst, if they are involved in any controversies. Some celebrities endorse the product as they use and like it while some do it with passion or for monetary gains. There should not be any element of doubt left behind for the audience about the credibility of a brand over a celebrity face.

Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, Snap chat, Clubhouse, Twitter or even Tik Tok; all channels can be used for social media marketing. The term Influencer is vast and subjective.

A true social media influencer has reputation, expertise and knowledge in a particular field or specific topic. One can be knowledgeable in different streams and they make posts in different categories like written content, audio, video, images, visuals etc. Products and brands benefit from social media influencers as these influencers engage the audience with effective content.

Blogging is a great influencing tool in recent times and many people take inspiration from it. There are highly influencing blogs on the internet and if a known blogger or someone with an influencing ideology describes products and services in a powerful tone then bloggers can turn as influencers and supporters for a brand.  If a blogger has many readers and if a blog is influential, the target audience will take further action of buying. Some bloggers do a sponsored post or are invited for guest posting. The young generation who loves reading won’t mind browsing a sponsored post about a core product that evoke an interest in them.

Yes, influencer marketing is a growing trend with more influencers growing day by day. Many new influencers strike a deal with companies they are interested in or products, which they are fond of using. Influencers lead brands towards specific niche audiences. There is a growth in the number of influencer agencies. They create a new trend and play a crucial role in designing the content or connecting with the best influencers for a brand. The e-commerce world is finding these agencies as a great service option. The great part is that there are many content solutions available for promotion.

The vital role that any influencer marketing agency plays for a brand is to understand the specifications of a product and which type of influencers can create an impact! There is a lot of competition and the content platforms are common. 3rd Wave Media specialize in content creation and delivering the same to the right platforms. We match your standards of brand advertising while we make sure that your marketing process runs smoothly and your brands gain success in all endeavors. We build your vision strong with solid content formation right from blogging to building brand awareness and generating more leads. Our goal is to take you to a better world of influencer marketing with no fake methodologies.

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