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Everybody is there on social media lately, so running a generic campaign with no focus could end in just losing money and almost no conversions. We start social media marketing by first understanding your requirements. Our strategy will change for every goal type, be it Lead, Traffic or Branding.

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Social Media & Content Marketing

Once we are running social media campaigns, we attempt to get you quality traffic and leads instead of bringing in many useless leads. Audience targeting and clear messaging is the key to running a successful social media campaign. Social Media may be a good region for revenue, so hire us to form the simplest use of your marketing budget.

As a Social Media Marketing Agency, we have run many successful campaigns and as a result, we all know which mistakes to avoid and what strategy should be implemented for every campaign type. Reach out to 3rd Wave Media for knowing more.

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In digital marketing, results are EVERYTHING. As a digital marketing company, our clients come first, and we are proud to work with some of the best brands. We work with our clients to get the growth in digital marketing that eventually brings up a smile. We have built brands right from the scratch and have also made some of the prominent brands further their recognition as a leader in the market.

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Let’s come up with some of the creative ideas for your brand and build a revenue generation strategy over a cup of hot coffee. Want to get in touch? We would love to hear from you.


SMO is an essential element to increase your reach through social networking sites, video sites and RSS feed. If you are struggling for driving traffic to your website or improve its organic search result then 3rd Wave Media can offer interesting solutions for publishing on social media sites, thus enriching your reach and engagement with a wide number of your target audience.

Social Media Optimization (SMO) plays a vital role in enhancing the visibility of a company’s profile on social networking platforms. Some SMO software available can complete this process for a company. SMO also refers to website experts who work on individual projects for clients. 3rd Wave Media is also an SMO company with a dynamic team to ensure website promotion on social media sites and increase the traffic of your website.

The answer is affirmative as SMO is the key for connection. An SMO company allows one to connect with more and more users through SMO channels, primarily social networking sites. A strong presence on a social network is synonymous with business expansion and strengthening the brand. 3rd Wave media can be your torchlight for generating heavy traffic to your website and make you a top-ranking company, attracting more customers in future.

Many business people believe that spending a good amount of time on social media sites can grow their business easily. When the posts are ignored or lack attention and that is where SMO comes into the picture. 3rd Wave media know what you want? We make your website user-friendly and aim to attract potential customers while strengthening the bond between the brand and the existing customers. No matter where you are, our SMO services will make your reach worldwide; irrespective of the location or competition.

SEO and SMO go hand in hand to add advantages to a website. Both SEO and SMO speeds up the online presence. SMO attract traffic through your social networking contact list and a total number of shares. In simple terms, SEO focuses on creating traffic through a search engine like Google and SMO generate traffic from social media be it Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn, for instance. There is a need for SEO and SMO for better rankings.

SEO helps in website ranking while SMO increases your presence in the social world with social networking sites. SEO makes the internet users reach your site easily through the keywords used in their search results. SMO on the other hand is a social media technique that can increase shares and audience engagement on networks. SMO is connected with SEO and both are your best friends for increasing your reach on the internet world.
SMO services are a crucial need of the hour for increasing the visibility of any website on social media. The ranking is measured using the number of visits to a site. Social networking sites are the best way of audience engagement through any social media profile. The clients get an option to post and read reviews through these networks and hence increase the trustworthiness of any business. SMO service is the solution for any troubleshooting in this area.
Google or prominent search engines or directories can help you find the best SMO agency or company for your brand or business. Some social media consulting firms can guide you if you provide them with your priorities and business details. Word of mouth still works in this technologically advanced world. Check out for referrals or recommendations for finding a suitable company for your required services. Choose the best, pleasing to your heart.

Research is the king to check the authenticity of a brand or a product; the same applies here when it comes to an SMO company quality check. The easy way is to keep an eye on the names of the companies that take a top place in the ranking. Check the cost and services before making a decision. Comparative studies of the leading companies across the globe and social media or search engine reviews can help you to judge the rating and authenticity of a company.

Social media does not impact the SEO of a website directly but it affects its traffic, online presence, brand recognition, and online authority. Social media is the king of business promotions though it does not have any direct impact on SEO. SMO and SEO use a methodology to boost the popularity and online visibility of a business in a versatile way. Though the one does not affect or overpower the other, both SMO and SEO play important roles in building an online presence and reach.
Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are popular social networking giants used by a huge number of masses around the world. Yes, one can increase followers with SMO services. The role of SMO is to integrate your social networking sites into your website. The best part is that it helps in including direct web links to your social media channels. The external inbound links that are easily available with SMO can augment the reach of your post and optimize it as per searches.

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