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Designing is at the guts of everything we do! We believe in creating designs that deliver meaning with a message. The layout, design, colours and font all represent the brand. After all, we attempt to style, create a design that stays in your mind for a long time. We provide you with the best brochure designs to a remarkable logo, we’ve got you covered.

At 3rd Wave Media, all our ideas are as fresh as newly baked bread! When it involves your, off-the-peg is off-limits. Your business is exclusive and highly valuable; therefore, we believe your website should be too.

Print Media Design & Brochure Design services

We won’t let a good design go extinct unseen and therefore, we help provide you with the most mesmerizing look for your brand to stand out from the crowd. We strive to make brochure designs that deliver a return on your investment, create interest and deliver better results.

We’ve produced brochure designs for startups businesses alongside multi-national companies. A ‘logo’ is that the public perception of your business, & your business is worth quite a logo picked off on the web. you would like a knowledgeable logo design that captures your uniqueness.

Our Client is Our Family

As a digital marketing firm, we constantly punch beyond our weight to make brands more awesome. We help you connect with your audience through all online digital platforms as well as offline means. We transform brands which in turn build the business. We blend creative ideas with a strong strategy and make use of serious technology.

We are into both; textual and image-based content. Our ideas are not solely creative, we also put in the best efforts to delivering and executing the best strategies for revenue generation. Each day brings about progress in our capabilities which benefit our clients and their target audience. TEAMWORK- We make it happen!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Print design is a form of visual communication used for conveying the right message to the audience. An aesthetically pleasing design and value-added information is printed on media communications like business cards, billboards, brochures or hoardings to name a few. Before the emergence of the design and printing technologies such as the inkjet printer, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign, print design relied on mechanical technologies such as the letterpress and lithography.

Do you know that print design artworks are spanning for more than 500 years? As listed in Wikipedia, printing technologies available throughout history heavily influenced the style of designs created by graphic designers at the time of production, as different methods of creating print design offer varying features. Even in the world of digitalization, print formats still exist to connect with the real world in comparison to the virtual world on the other side.

Print design is effective communicative design and history says that the importance of the visual design was highlighted during the first world war as posters. Today also posters play a prominent role in the world of print design but there are other uses too. The print media formats -brochures, flyers, packaging labels, business cards, banners, shopping bags etc. are the epitome of marketing. Magazines, newspapers, books and covers are other visually crafted designs to give knowledge and information.

Apart from comparing, we can say that they both have similarities both these formats have a common goal to spread the relevant information to the viewers and connect with them emotionally. When it comes to the content. Print design is cost-effective yet the print designers need to be experts and ensure the final product is pixel perfect compared to the digital designers who can fix corrections at a minimal cost. The print designers have to follow limitations of words, size, formatting while designing a   banner, brochure or business card.

A graphic designer working for print design needs to have a wider range of knowledge about the design, software and the basics of print design principles. Not everything is a cut or paste job so they need to take note of the resolution, fonts, pixel and other parameters before designing. The perfect knowledge of applications and software with expertise is the key to good design. The advantage of working offline give room to think more creatively and can be taken as an advantage.

A brochure plays a significant role when it comes to business. A well-designed brochure with perfect content is the best step for introducing any business.  It becomes a great marketing tool for attracting new customers. 3rd Wave Media ensures perfect brochures with potential content and no clutters. Too much content can make any brochure open its door towards dustbin while effective brochures designed by our agency are stand versatile in printed information and good design.

Professional graphic designers can guide businesses about an appropriate content format for their brochures, the key is a creative front and back page. Any brochure design can be done in different sizes. A clutter-free brochure aptly designed with alluring images can add magic to your business needs. A brochure is a cost-effective marketing tool and one can even design brochures for email campaigns for web marketing. Paper texture is crucial when it comes to the printed version of brochures.

The main objective of any page layout designed, whether it’s for a printed brochure or the web app, is to communicate information clearly and effectively. A balanced page layout can ensure that the foremost messages are delivered to the reader in the right way. The placement, rearrangement and formatting of elements are crucial for page layout. A good page composition is pleasing and the glaring eyes will decide what exactly is a great page layout!

Many people still believe in print design. In comparison to the web, print design is handy, something easy to hold and feel. We believe that the world is a digital space but the truth is that not everyone is tech-savvy or own a computer. Both print and web marketing go hand in hand for effective marketing yet print allows the brand to get visual identity without computers or mobiles. Using print for marketing can allow one to walk abreast with the competition.

3rd Wave media believes in baking fresh pieces of ideas, layouts; play with colours, dimensions and design. The expertise of our agency lies in producing content with value for design. The brochures, logos and other forms of designs created by us not only create impressions but also delightful expressions and yes beauty no longer lies in the eyes of the beholder but every spectator who glances through the design. The interesting ideas set up by the dynamic team is synonymous with mesmerizing – What is seen cannot be unseen!

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