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Have you ever wondered what is Phygital strategy is? You have read it right; it is Phygital and not a typo error for Physical. Phygital is the blend of physical and digital space. This strategy of marketing is striking for in-store operations and attractive for e-commerce brands too. Phygital is that approach where digital marketing and offline marketing are used together to derive results. Our content approach should be the same for both…

We make you reach new heights with the best content and design approach. We can even assist you to set goals. Hope you now understood what needs to be done!

Our Approach

We never take any inspiration from industry trends. We create original designs which break the clutter and catch the attention your brand deserves. Our proprietary naming process helps you articulate an identity that stands out against numerous filters. We focus efforts on preparing a revenue-generating strategy so that your brand can flourish in every nook and corner of the market.

There is a lot of revamping and reshaping of business with the pandemic yet Phygital marketing is growing and leaping forward to develop the real-world experiences and sensory feel.

Our Client is Our Family

As a digital marketing firm, we constantly punch beyond our weight to make brands more awesome. We help you connect with your audience through all online digital platforms as well as offline means. We transform brands which in turn build the business. We blend creative ideas with a strong strategy and make use of serious technology.

We are into both; textual and image-based content. Our ideas are not solely creative, we also put in the best efforts to delivering and executing the best strategies for revenue generation. Each day brings about progress in our capabilities which benefit our clients and their target audience. TEAMWORK- We make it happen!

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Most frequent questions and answers

Phygital strategy is all about communicating with the potential customers be it online marketing or offline (in-store) buying. With proper planning and management, Phygital marketing is an engaging tool for connecting with customers. An optimal Phygital strategy can be applied for both real life and online purchasing experience. The digital space uses this to feel at home and enhance the physical experience. When things are bleak in recent times with the pandemic, Phygital marketing is a boon, adding a sensory feel and building a physical shopping experience.

Phygital is important because it bridges the gap between the physical and digital world, and is most commonly used to describe a retail experience or a marketing strategy. Phygital makes use of technology to create a digital experience that is user-friendly and seamless for the customer. Some of the touchpoints include keeping a loop with the customers while opening a new physical or e-commerce store. Use Pop-ups to drive traffic to your website. Educate existing and new customers. Always try to build a buzz about your brands online. Remember to sync your offline channels to create a three -dimensional customer experience.

The first step is researching the audience. When a customer buys online, there is no chance of checking the physical feel so Phygital is all about sensory experience, even online. One must try to read the minds of the target audience and that will be only possible by collecting reviews and feedback from the customers. If your customer is unhappy, make the best use of this strategy to fix an error.  Surveys can be of great help while developing this marketing strategy. Always change the tactics, if something is not working in your favour.

A sensory experience is ruled by the five senses of taste, smell, touch, see and hear.  While shopping in-store, one experiences the senses but in the digital world, there is no touch, taste or smell. The shopping is restricted to seeing and hearing senses. Seeing is believing and hearing becomes accepting. It is a play of emotions. Certain steps will help to build sensory experience with Phygital marketing.  The best way is to create conversations through content. Think creatively about your brand/product/service to attract more customers for the long term.

Conversational content is an engaging method to lure the visitors to your website and in case of the direct buying from a shop, it helps in building trust and visit again motivation. In both cases, the aim is to make the buying process smooth and attractive. Many websites use live chats, some use attractive images of objects or subjects. A real individual photograph can be more captivating for the audience attention. One can also use social media to establish communication with the target audience.  No matter physically present or not, the Phygital strategy converts communication into the great experience.

Yes, creating small tricks like pop-ups on the website is one of the best solutions. It can create excitement during festivities about offers and discounts.  The pop-ups can also be used to hype a product launch and capture attention. Another way to use the Phygital strategy is creating events for market shows, exhibitions or industry events. One can even build a real-world customer center and give chance for more interaction. One must have come across this strategy widely used in the banking sector for customer satisfaction. One can even create a co-working ambience like in branded coffee shops.

The ambitious goal of Phygital is all about syncing physical space and digital technologies for paving the way to transform stores, offices and industries into smarter and customized places. Phygital environments are built to meet specific objectives. The modern facades, video -walls, holograms etc., can grab customer attraction. Then comes product experimentation with virtual testers, digital tables, games to create augmented reality (AR). The sharing spaces and transaction areas can also build AR.

AR abbreviation can be simplified as augmented reality. AR is a real interactive experience. AR incorporates three basic features: a combination of real and virtual worlds, real-time interaction, and accurate 3D registration of virtual and real objects. Augmented realities benefit retailers and their customers. It works directly on a mobile device and the best part is one don’t need to download apps or buy extra equipment. AR can make online shopping quick, easy, convenient. It is considered to be engaging and productive than shopping in a retail or small-scale store.

Most of us are addicted to the virtual world and the best example is social media.  VR stands for virtual reality. It is associated with technology like mobile, iPad or computer to be precise. VR creates a scenario of 3D version for users to experience a walk through like a mall or shopping center.  3D space technology is about a high-standard video and audio performance, clear textual part, and non-glitchy graphics. A wide range of industries brings about responsibility for the services delivered with the help of VR, especially those related to healthcare, fashion or even a grocery store.

Brands or products need a unique approach for merging the digital and the in-store shopping experience. 3rd Wave Media offers the best solutions for you to build your target audience and make a stronger bond with the existing customers with effective content and design strategy. We follow a 360-degree approach. Our Phygital approach is planned and intended in a way that your online business medium will play a significant role in initiating a captivating conversation. One can be certain of getting a unified offline experience with 3rd Wave Media service offerings.

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