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Why graphic designing?

Developing a knowledgeable image and crowd-pleasing materials is a crucial part of an efficient marketing strategy.  It’s a competitive world out there, and making an honest first impression is critical to communicating your objectives and strengthening relationships with impending clients that’s why graphics play an imperative role in any design, creating an impression as what you see is ideally what you believe!

To get your brand the shine it deserves, we think outside the cave/ tunnel.  Right from designing a perfect layout to newsletters, logos, print or packaging works; our design team works collaboratively to give your company a spectacular brand identity that will eventually put you ahead of your competitors. We deliver inspired, effective, intelligent work for your brand.

Graphic Design Agency

Graphic design is a most needed segment when it comes to marketing or promoting a business. The design elements can be reflected in both print media or digital space. A business card, flyer or brochure can spell cast magic on the target audience, if designed with beauty, intelligence and creative design. In the stream of the web, one can see the spark created by graphic designers in websites, pages or social media networks through posters, emailers or newsletters. Whether it is print or webspace, graphic design is a crucial element.

If you are thinking of hiring an agency, 3rd Wave Media is beyond any promises. The agency strongly believes in giving you the best and delivering out of the box creatives with wonderful graphics. A good graphic narrates a story and facelifts any brands, products or services. 3rd Wave Media is another planet of imagination bestowed with creative souls.

Our Client is Our Family

As a digital marketing firm, we constantly punch beyond our weight to make brands more awesome. We help you connect with your audience through all online digital platforms as well as offline means. We transform brands which in turn build the business. We blend creative ideas with a strong strategy and make use of serious technology.

We are into both; textual and image-based content. Our ideas are not solely creative, we also put in the best efforts to delivering and executing the best strategies for revenue generation. Each day brings about progress in our capabilities which benefit our clients and their target audience. TEAMWORK- We make it happen!

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Most frequent questions and answers

William Addison Dwiggins, an American type designer, coined the term “graphic design” in 1922 to describe the process of designing books; a combination of typesetting, illustration and design. Graphic designing is all about synergy and visual simplicity. The role of graphic designing involves combining words, images, and typography with page layout techniques to get the outcome. The field of graphic design includes designing a logo, packaging, illustrations, banners, editorial, and layout. It involves designing websites, programming, broadcasts, and animation on the web world.

Graphic designing is beyond aesthetics; it is a communicative tool for any business. No communication is one way, isn’t it! Graphic design assists in establishing communication between the business and its audience. It is all about delighting designs that have the persuading power to attract customers towards the desired product. When a customer surfs over the internet and reaches your website, the play of colours and fonts blended with images, logos and powerful content will certainly add a silver lining to a black cloud.

A graphic designer is synonymous with creativity. A person who is creative mostly like graphic designing. The graphic design revolves around designing principles and elements that spread a valuable message to the viewer of the content. Essence is added with balancing the colour, typography, space, structure, form or lines for a visual impacting message. A lot of technicality goes into graphic designing and web designing. A web designer is responsible for creating wireframes, workflows, and sitemaps. They can even develop easy navigation for the user experience.

In this digital world, software plays a very vital role and so is for design and creativity. Whether one is an amateur or experienced designer, professional and talented; the digital world is beyond pencil sketches and artforms. Software is the power and so are its technicalities characterized by its key features- user-friendly nature, cost and availability. Some software is free while others are paid. Software like Abode Photoshop, Abode Illustrator, Sketch, Abode InDesign, CorelDRAW, Canva, Pix Teller and more can assist your design needs.

Graphic design can be classified into the following – Product design, branding design, website design, print design, publishing design, environmental design and animation design. They can be further classified into visual identity design, marketing and advertising design; user interface design (UI) and packaging design. 3rd Wave offers you the best services and believes in building a brand identity with quality content and visual treat. We not only offer you print solutions but also a complete digital package.  We design as per your needs and customize your thoughts to reality.

There are many free tools easily accessible these days for designing. It may look appealing and easy to use for saving some money. Saving is great but for business, one needs to be practically creative. A graphic designer will design with the creative idea as per the client brief. A good design content not only connects with the audience but strikes deep into their heart as an emotion. 3rd Wave Media believes in balancing the contents and the graphics for the best advantage. Our designs keep you far above the competition. The first impression is the final impression.

Marketing is incomplete without a design. A graphic design or web design is something that creates a visual brand identity and hence goes hand in hand with the promotion. The design process helps in conversions and it provokes the customers to take action.  The design also plays an important role in building trust – one must have heard promises like a money-back guarantee or return policy when there is any dissatisfaction.  A crystally clear communicative design increases credibility.

An efficient graphic designer might be able to prescribe the right medicines for your design but if a client researches the particular needs of a project, it makes the work of the designer easy. Many may claim to have achieved education in this field but great communication with amazing artistic skills is the need of the hour. The best comes out when the client has a brief to share and a designer has creativity inside to build over powerful content. 3rd Wave Media believes in creating mind-blowing designs with informative content.

A perfect design agency comprises creativity, knowledge, expertise, experience, eye for detail and timely delivery. 3rd Wave Media believes in all these principles of designing while keeping pace with the current trends and staying updated with technology and knowledge. 3rd Wave Media believe in a budget-friendly atmosphere rather than a trail- error rounds. We believe in talk- first ideology where we discuss the client brief. The step of ideation and creativity is our strength. There is no way for a dustbin in the print world and a close button on the website with our designs.

3rd Wave Media believe bright and clear vision. We add a brand image or value proposition to the content with collaborative ideas. We bake fresh thoughts and we understand client brief in detail. We focus on minimizing revisions and curtailing unnecessary expenses.  Design is all about a connect and we try our best to understand what you are looking for! Communication is key, so unlock the best designs with us. Our dynamic team is known for delivering creative works with custom solutions or specific requirements.

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