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What is branding and identity conceptualization?

Branding and identity conceptualization are important to build a brand story. So, what is branding? It is a process of creating an optimistic perception about a company using captivating design, a clear mission statement, and an effective theme throughout marketing communications. Consistent and effective branding helps businesses and brands stay abreast of their competitors and build a loyal customer base. 

Identity conceptualization, on the other hand, is about building a strong brand story using a brand communication strategy. The aim of identity conceptualization is to highlight the unique selling point (USP) or distinctive features that make any product or service look different from their competitors. The goal is to increase brand awareness, and the focus is on collecting leads to drive better sales.

What is brand strategy?

Every professional works with a strategy for achieving growth and success. Similarly, brand strategy is an important part of a business plan. It is about how a company establishes its rapport and creates its favorability within the market. The goal of brand strategy is to build trust and be a consumer’s favorite choice. A well-defined brand strategy should be executed by understanding consumer needs, the emotions attached to a product or service, and competitive environments. How do you build a long-lasting, trustworthy relationship with consumers? If you are wondering about this, brand advertising can be a good solution.

Emotions are central to brand advertising

Brand advertising is important for any brand to get exposure, influence, engagement, conversion, brand awareness, lead generation, and most importantly, growth in sales. It is used to establish brand identity, credibility, and loyalty with business prospects both intellectually and emotionally. It is a form of advertising that establishes an emotional connection to build strong, long-term relationships. It is important to run smart kinds of advertising through brand advertising campaigns, social media ads, TV, radio, podcasts, billboards, newspapers, magazines, etc.

Brand advertising agencies put efforts to ensure that media strategic planning is crucial in getting the brand message seen, heard, and absorbed by the right target person. Media agencies also work towards amplifying your brands to the right target audiences through perfect social media and other forms of marketing. Not everyone has a huge budget, so approaching a brand advertising agency that is cost-effective is very important.

Brand identity design approach

Brand advertising is incomplete without its companion brand identity. It is closely related to color, logo, and design that identify and distinguish a brand in the consumer’s mindset. It is important to be consistent in marketing to create a stunning brand identity and improve sales. Brand identity is successful with a positive brand image, a brand agency is often approached to build a positive, cohesive brand image.

Advertising agencies, with their creative skills, focus on company goals, the market, and customers’ needs while creating a brand identity. In layman’s terms, brand identity is symbolic or contains illustrations. The idea of brand identity is to create a visual image linked to the brand. A brand design has to be just right from a visual aspect, so what comes to mind when it comes to visual identity? Nike, Apple, Microsoft, and Google are some of the best examples of the graphic, imagery, and style of a brand identity design.

Branding for millennials 

According to World Economic Forum research in November 2021, Millennials are the largest adult cohort spanning 1.8 billion population worldwide. Millennials altogether are a unique demographic to track with extreme internet savviness and a skeptical approach toward everything. If you are a brand, wondering how to impress this species of human generation with good branding, it is  tricky but not very hard to achieve goals. It is not very difficult to break the ice with the unique video content in this reel-dominated age and making use of interactive web design. The simple trick is to create a brand’s visual identity with an aesthetically pleasing look and feel. 

Humor and emotional storytelling with a personal human touch; creating a consistent visual guide through logo, imagery, typography, and attractive color palette will also help in grabbing millennials’ attention. Finally, millennials want brands to show and not tell. The perfect branding formula for millennials is to visually communicate, stay authentic and create unique experiences with a human touch. In this millennial-ruling world, it is crucially important for brands to understand what millennials are looking for and where their emotions are coming from. Once this funda is understood, it will be easier for any brand to implement or avoid key branding concepts. In short, a well designed, genuine, and reliable branding can win Millennials. 

3rd Wave Media as a branding agency

If you’re unsure about proper branding, brand advertising, or brand identity design, 3rd Wave Media can provide best brand strategy elements such as value proposition, great brand idea, captivating brand story, and best brand architecture. We would help your brand stand out in the marketing and advertising world. Our team of experts can weave the best brand stories with a fresh perspective. When it comes to brand advertising, we plan and execute everything cost-effectively. We create style guides and also carefully understand the brand guide while creating brand identity design. Brand identity and better branding with best brand advertising are no longer difficult with 3rd Wave Media, your branding partner, why wait?