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POsition: Accountant

An accountant is the backbone of any company. An accountant role is to work with open eyes and a calculative mind.  An accountant works on meticulous facts concerning the finance control of an organization. An accountant must manage and inspect financial accounts, provide tax advice, bookkeeping, data analysis and help an organization with a total report of financial situation. Accounting looks simple and calculative job at first glance but accounting involves a lot more than you think.

The duties and responsibilities may vary and depends on the rank of position and organizations, yet some of the major roles include creating accuracy in financial documents with the relevant laws and regulations; preparing tax returns and ensuring the payment of taxes on time.  Evaluate the financial operations, strategize and assist the organization to run efficiently. Negligence is not tolerated while strong attention is the key.

Job Description

3rd Wave Media is a digital marketing agency working under different capabilities right from digital marketing services to integrated creative works. We are looking for a candidate who understands accounts and look into minute details of our financial incoming income and outgoing expenses. If you are smart and professional with important skills required for accounting; 3rd Wave media opens the door for you to grab this opportunity.  We prefer some experience in a media company as we operate similarly.  We look forward to a candidate who knows to work with transparency in accounting with a greater focus on accuracy.

Desired candidate profile:

  • Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Commerce, Tax, Accounting, or Finance.
  • Expertise in media accountancy, knowledgeable about media facts.
  • Accounting, time and data entry management.
  • Proficient in MS Office, Tally and other accounting tools.
  • Finance management and control.
  • Deadline oriented, confident, general math skills is what we want!

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