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POsition: Business Development Manager

What makes a business better? To answer this question, business development is one of the steps where different ideas, initiatives and activities come together to make a business better. Business development is one of the important keys to grow revenue, business expansion, increase profitability with strategies and business decisions. Some of the important roles of a business development manager include excellent writing and communication skills. A business development manager needs to be a critical thinker with a knack for problem-solving skills. Business management is all about developing and implementing growth opportunities within and between organizations.

What should a business development manager know? Mainly the strength, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats behind a business. This is called SWOT analysis. The cost areas and possible options for cost- savings can be an advantage as savings is what all need!

Job Description

3rd Wave Media being a digital agency, our lookout is for a professional with a wide scope of ideas, activities, strong initiative and management building personality. A business development professional should be aware of new market developments about various industries, segments or trends. One should be capable of tapping competitor developments with knowledge of business development goals. If you understand the definition and goals of business development, 3rd Wave Media has a suitable offer for your growth and development in this stream. We look for creativity but not unrealistic ideas. Writing efficiently, communicating and drawing a bottom line for any business or industry that is representing our clientele is what we are in search of!

Desired candidate profile:

  • Any graduate or postgraduate with 0–1-year experience in Key Accounts, Account Management, Business Development or Marketing.
  • Freshers are welcome with the right skill sets.
  • Responsible for developing marketing strategies and plans with the ideology of our agency needs.
  • To be a team player and adapt to changes according to the environment.
  • Time management and organizational skills
  • Excellent interpersonal, written and verbal communication skills.

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