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Summary of the Campaign:

Father’s Day is a celebration honouring paternal bonds and the influence of fathers in society. It is acknowledged around the globe, however, it is not greatly celebrated in the part of India. The idea of organising the campaign was to celebrate “Father’s Day” in a monumental manner; it was called the #SuperDadChallenge. The campaign was held online in the form of a contest and a creative listicle from the date June 9th to June 18th.

Objective/ Problem:

The brand wanted to encourage people around about the importance of the paternal bonds that run the family without any complaint whatsoever. The underlying objective was that the brand asked for an interactive concept that would also encourage people and help increase the magnitude of the occasion with all new spirits through their feed.

Creative Solution:

The contest was implemented by asking the audience for a video-based video to be shared of their dad showcasing one of his talents. They also had to nominate 2 other Facebook friends to take up the challenge in the comment section. 4 winners were selected and won a Backup Plus Ultra Slim Hard Drive 1TB. The creative listicle was an implementation of an album concept where the original illustrations were made keeping the moments that an Indian dad and his children share and how the child’s early memories of dads are hero worship.


Seagate’s #MyFirstSuperhero tried to recreate childhood memories that could add a sense of nostalgia when dads were real Superheroes in the little things they did for us. The creative series is a time of thanksgiving to all the Fathers around India on his special day. The illustrations show how the kid imagines his/her Dad doing extraordinary things during his daily routine. Some of the illustrations showed how children saw comic superheroes in the daily activities of their fathers. Shaktimaan when he would be strong enough to carry them, The Flash when he would finish chores at home along with his official works and still manage to fetch time for his children, Batman when he would drop them to school and everywhere they wanted to be, Superman for when his children couldn’t reach a height and The Hulk when he could lift weights no one could. 


The overall response was quite impressive like anything ever seen before. The organic reach came up to 33,322 and the paid reach went up to 5191. Four winners who won the #SuperDadChallenge received the awards as promised.


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