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What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing (SMM) is a digitally smart form of internet marketing. It uses the power of social media networks to achieve marketing and branding goals. It is used to build brands, develop a connection with the audience, increase sales, and drive website traffic.


Fundamentals of social media marketing 


What is social media marketing strategy? This question sounds daunting if you are unaware of social media marketing trends. Social media marketing revolves around two things, organic reach and paid advertising.


Social media marketing through organic and paid ads 


The organic goals can be reached by certain steps like maintaining and optimizing the social media profiles followed by posting consistently. Every social media format is different and creating attractive and relevant content is the key to social media marketing. Attract your audience with picture posts, stories, videos, and reels. Go live with perfect branding topics relevant to your product and connect to the hearts of your target audience. 


Social media is about listening and engagement. It is very important for a brand to follow its competitors and engage with its followers. A brand must interact with its customers and influencers to build a community. Don’t forget to respond to comments, shares and likes gained. 


Why choose paid social media advertising?


Paid social media advertising is also known as paid social. Paid media can be anything that is creative in the form of images or videos. It is paid placements that appear in large volume in front of the target audience. Paid media advertising helps in promoting business with target keywords specific to the target audience’s interests and behaviors. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube are very influential in targeting new audiences with your unique content formats or specially designed advertisements.


Social media planning and publishing


Planning starts with action and social media marketing requires right planning and popular platforms for publishing. There are three key points that need to be considered while planning and here we go one by one:


Choose wise social media platform


Every social media marketing platform has different target audiences and it will be a great idea to use LinkedIn for status updates, and Facebook for album and story posts. Instagram these days come with reel charms so creating an Instagram story, reels, image specific posts will be a great idea. If you love making long and short-form videos, YouTube is best. Twitter is more about energized discussions and staying updated with brand news. All platforms look promising but stay with the platforms that one is actively using for social media interactions.


Social media marketing: Be goal-oriented


Scheduling fixed goals like creating unique content formats, posting with consistency, and adding value-added information will prove fruitful in social media marketing. The main objective should be gaining better insights and more followers on your post.


Social media marketing analytics tools

Social media marketing is more powerful with analytics tools available on each social media platform. Almost all social media platforms offer some basic information about how a specific social media marketing campaign is performing. The goal is to see if it is reaching the right people and how it performed month to month. An analytical study also helps one filter positive and negative comments. It is important to understand what posts get more engagement, do they attract more followers, and scale up with the algorithms. Fix what is not working for you and improvise what has already worked for you.

Successful social media marketing strategies

Every business is different, and so are the marketing strategies. Social media marketing starts with knowing your audience. It is important to know about your target audience’s favorite social media platforms, their content taste, and likings. Always check who they really follow. Below are three important steps for successful social media marketing: 

Building a brand with powerful content

A structured content strategy with regularity and value-added information will help in building brand identity. It is important to define what message needs to be conveyed to the target audience. 

Post with consistency on social media platforms

Social media is a vast platform and it looks tempting to sail in all boats of popular networks. It is important to post regularly to get top engagements and keep up with the current business trends.

Social media content creation process 

The art of social media content creation comes with brainstorming content ideas that resonate with your audience. It is important to keep the content engaging with informative ideas relevant to your brand. Avoid something that is difficult to read. Creating content for social media is a more creative approach to strengthening your presence in different popular platforms. Good content in trending format can give you different types of audiences. Right planning, research, and content with creativity can turn beneficial for your business.

What are the goals of social media marketing?

Social media is a cost-effective way for marketing. The organic method is free but businesses must try paid advertising to expand their reach.  It is easy to fix a budget on social media sites. The real factor is social media marketing in both ways can allow you to reach some great goals as below:

Always sound like a human on social media platforms

Social media is getting more human these days with better engagement and interactions. It is important to build trust by actively participating in social media marketing spaces like polls, surveys, Facebook group interactions, liking and sharing others’ content etc.  Sound like a human to make your content look appealing to the audience.

Focus on getting traffic to your website through social media

Social media posts these days allow links and it will be a good idea to post links about your social media networks in different forms of your content. The clicks on the links can drive traffic to your website.

Builds better brand awareness

Social media is best for building brand awareness with visually pleasing content. Every social media platform has vast audiences and improving brand awareness will gain better results for your campaign.

Creates a happy relationship

It is often said that the virtual world looks more beautiful than the real world but social media is the best place to develop good relationships with better communication, networking, holding discussions, and connecting directly with individuals. 

Social media generate leads

Social media marketing helps in generating leads on platforms like Instagram and Facebook. The direct messaging feature, call-to-action buttons, and shops allow direct communication and sales.

Is social media marketing (SMM) always beneficial?

The answer is partially “yes.” Social media marketing allows customer relationship management to track purchases and product referrals. The sticky content made for marketing reasons is easily amplified through the sharing feature. The analytical tools help track, which helps to understand impressions, reach, clicks, likes, and shares.

SMM campaigns are beneficial for immediate post-reach to the target audience. Beware of creating false content and keep an eye on toxic viral content that can harm your brand presence. Everything comes with pros and cons, and so is social media. Social media platforms are changing on a daily basis. The bottom line is to use SMM to increase sales and drive traffic to your website.


Social media marketing agency in Mumbai: 3rd Wave Media

Social media marketing is growing, and people are accessing different platforms through computers or smartphones. Influencer marketing is growing crazily and every day a new creator is born. Social media marketing is rising with audiences craving more information and entertainment on these networks. If you are looking for a social media marketing agency in Mumbai, 3rd Wave Media can set your social media calendar, run paid online campaigns, and drive more traffic. We can build your brand through effective communication, connection, and value-added content. We can help you with the best content management and other social media competencies to reach your targeted goal.