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Summary of the Campaign:

Seagate Technology is an American data storage company. It is also known as the world leader in hard disks, drives and storage solutions. Seagate Technology had organised a campaign for Friendship Day which was called “The Backup Buddy Contest”. Facebook was used as a platform for this campaign given 36 hours from 6th August to 7th August. The term “Backup Buddy” has been originated keeping in mind the merchandise Backup Plus by Seagate and a buddy always being there at any given point of your time. The thought behind the campaign was to make a mutual recall between the best thought of product offering of the brand and therefore the bond shared between friends.

On the occasion of Friendship Day, the brand wanted to earn and improve its value as the “Keeper of Memories” to maximise the chances of its engagement.

The objective for achieving from this campaign::

Since the brand Seagate is referred to as the “The Keeper of Memories”, the participants were asked to upload a selfie in the comment section and explain in brief an occasion where his/her friend stood up for them. They were also asked to tag these friends in the contest creative. The winners were purely selected on the basis of the clarity of the images and the judges at Seagate. One participant was selected as the winner who was given 1 TB Backup Plus Slim External Hard drive along with their tagged friend. However, 10 red ribbons were given selfie sticks as a prize.

The Outcome:

The outcome of this campaign was amazing with figures unexpressible. They were achieved in a completely organic format with zero extra spendings.

The winner who won the contest was Hema Kumar along with her friend Neelam Bhola who shared such a wonderful memory. According to the contest analytics (participants engagement), there were around 206 comments and 596 shares.

The Results: 

The campaign went smoothly and achieved its aim which was ‘engagement’ at an organic level better than what was the response earlier. They not only achieved the engagement but also understood that the family at Seagate and others who participated were valued and trusted with the overall idea of the contest. 


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