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Summary of the Campaign:

“Make your life wireless” is the only focus of Rapoo to make it to this day. Established in 2002, RAPOO is dedicated to offering excellent, roundbreaking wireless peripheral products to users around the world. In the future, they hope to become more dedicated and innovative, allowing “Wireless Your Life” to go global and bringing a brand-new lifestyle and unique wireless
enjoyment to everyone. Through a set of the most interacting puller ideas, Gaming Contests moreover Rapoo’s Diwali ki Diwali Contests, we made the campaign happen. The campaign took place from 30th October to 20th November 2018, on both online and offline platforms. The blend of the festival and the sentiments of Indian people would make a better connection to the product.

The objective for achieving from this campaign::

The main reason we did this campaign was to make the products more identifiable among people through the most interaction by having a bunch of puller ideas and Gaming Contests. They also came up with Rapoo’s Diwali ki Diwali Contests. Diwali being a festival of lights made the campaign easier to prosper. The blend of the festival and the sentiments of Indian people would make a better connection to the product. This also enabled us to make a multiplatform to take place without a BIG BUDGET. Apart from this, helping the raise of the Brand level in the target audience’s minds and setting small goals to achieve it. through the most interaction puller ideas and Gaming Contests & Rapoo’s Diwali ki Diwali Contests.

Creative solution:

The campaign took place both online and offline where, the online campaign took place on all Social Media platforms, we made Amazon banners and brand stores, we made emailers (B2B and B2C), we held a campaign on Youtube. Offline, we gave BTL support to the retailers stocking the brand support, the beginning of a digital print campaign in gaming cafes, malls, stores and
other BTL marketing activities.

The Results: 

The campaign was a great success and the brand received a great number of fans. The views on Facebook were happy with the gratifications offered to them. They also reached a decent amount of followers. The target audience increased and this also helped the agency. The agency had its success of creating a multiplatform touchpoint without the need for a very big budget.


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