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A summary of the campaign:

JUGHEAD’S the UNRESTAURANT is an Italian restaurant Bar and Grill. The brand is spread across many places around the city and has been functional for nearly fifteen years. This campaign aimed to reactivate its audience via social media platforms and increase engagement throughout. The campaign was carried out on both online and offline platform. The brand kept the T20 Matches as the focus since people in India honour cricket as a great party line for entertainment and fun. This campaign was powered by Kingfisher and Carlsberg; two most known beer selling companies.


The ‘Jughead’s Premier League’ campaign aimed to reactivate its audience via social media platforms and increase engagement throughout. Not only that but the brand also wanted to celebrate the occasion of people’s most loved sports, that is Cricket.

Creative Solution:

Since the campaign was being held on both online and offline platforms, we planned out strategy both ways. Online, we had contests and the winners would be tagged online. Therefore, we asked people to participate during the match itself wherein, questions would be asked to them on the spot; like who did they think would win the match of that current day. Possible winners would win exciting gifts like a JPL t-shirt and a beer pitcher for free on the day of the IPL Final provided they would use the hashtag #JPL.

Offline, we arranged for standees, coupons, tickets, t-shirts, tent cards (special menu)and backdrop prints we provided participants with a coupon sitting in the restaurant asking who would win the match. The audience had to take an immediate guess and also provide us with their details. Here, the winners were selected based on a lucky draw and were given JPL Jerseys.


The overall response from people was unbelievable. A lot of people had fun and went home with memories. The campaign reached its aim and the engagement rose to a great spike. In the end, three contest winners were resulting in the packed branches with patrons wanting to watch the final match.


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