What is Rebranding?

What is Rebranding?

Rebranding is about the creation of a new look and feels for any established products or companies. The idea of rebranding is to influence customers’ outlook toward a product or service and make it more contemporary according to the customer’s needs. The rebranding comes with benefits and risks.

Why is rebranding essential?

Rebranding is essential to create a different brand identity for an already branded product or service. It is a brand image created by giving a new name, symbol, or change of design of an already-established brand. Some organizations and brands change their corporate identities in a span of 6-10 years. This changing of identity often revolves around restyling of logos, color palettes, visual language, and image style. The one reason for rebranding is the change of ownership. The other reason can be the repositioning of the brand with a new strategy and promise. Reactive rebranding is also done in a particular situation where the old look and feel of a brand appear to be outdated and there is a severe need to create a new outlook and different niche. Rebranding can occur with internationalization, changing markets, clearing the bad reputation, conflicts, digitalization, or many other reasons. 

Better brand recognition rebranding strategy

Rebranding is key for attracting new audiences, and gaining higher relevance through social media posts, genuine stories, or videos. Rebranding helps to gain better brand recognition and investing in SEO and SMM can offer improved Google rankings. It is important to give a new look to the logo, typography, color palette, and imagery. Know the reasons why it is essential.

Rebranding logo redesign 

Logo often represents the purpose of the company and acts as a visual identity. While redesigning a logo, it is important to focus on fonts, colors, and size. Design trends keep changing and logo redesign is a creative process for transforming a company’s new identity. 3rd Wave Media as a creative agency can help you in rebranding with logo redesign, adding new life to your visual identity. When it comes to rebranding,  we have observed that most of the companies stick to the same colors, we update and redesign your logo with a new look and feel. Our creative logo designers are experts to make your rebranded product and services shine in the crowd of competition. 

Typography drives connection

As a rebranding strategy, typography plays a very important role in the overall scenario. Typography in the form of a font or typeface should match the personality of the company. It is important to choose the right and readable options of fonts for every publishing content of your website, newsletters, social media content, and brand communications. When you are rebranding, fonts play an important role and we as a creative rebranding agency can reevaluate what is working for you and based on the same implement the best typography for your web design and other communications. Do you remember the Zara logo? The new logo is in Serif font, with bold and black lettering. The new logo has a tighter look and as a rebranding agency, it is important to understand the best typography and we do it for you to build your stronger brand recognition. 

 The color palette

Every color is associated with meaning and moods. Brand color palettes again focus on brand personality and the brand message that a company wants to convey. Bright colors are used for vibrancy and to make the brand look energetic in approach. We as a rebranding agency know the need to brush up your brand color with fresh detailing. Understanding color psychology and doing some competitor research, we create a brand image in line with your products and services. 

The digital world is visual

Imagery and photography are important in this visually appealing world. In digital marketing online look matters and apart from logo and colors, it is important to use photography and images that resonate with your brand in blogs, websites, and social media posts. We put our best efforts to use images and photographs that are perfectly suited to your rebranding identity.

 3rd Wave media for establishing your rebranding identity

3rd Wave Media is a digital agency in Mumbai, that specialized in building rebranding identity. We as a creative agency understand your need for rebranding your products and services with the right focus on the brand personality, identity, and goals of your company. We begin our rebranding process by understanding the visual, verbal, and emotional attributes of your brand with the best research and industry trends. We have a team of brand strategists focusing on logos, colors, typography, website landing pages, marketing templates, and social media branding. When it comes to rebranding, our content creators and social media managers work best to boost your brand recognition. We are also proficient in writing case studies and handling your marketing with LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more.  

With our experience as the best rebranding agency, we can help you to develop highly effective rebranding for your brands. We first understand the market and adapt a methodology that is highly creative in approach. Our strength is in creating killer copies, mind-blowing social media posts, building brand awareness, attracting target audience, and driving leads to make you successful in the stream of your business. Call us for more details to rebrand your products and services. We assure you that we will guide you better.

Lead Generation

What is B2B model?

What is the B2B model?

B2B, or business-to-business marketing, is about selling one company’s products to others. The B2B business model includes product manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, retailers, and more. This business model is about the exchange of products and services between two or more businesses.

The B2B model is advantageous for generating large amounts of revenue with orders in bulk. There is potential for higher conversion rates with no worries about attracting new customers. The B2B model encourages building lasting relationships with selective clientele. Various e-commerce websites and wholesale markets are some of the B2B platforms for building businesses.

B2B e-commerce websites are owned and operated by individual companies to sell their products and services to other businesses. E-commerce websites benefit more from the B2B business model. The B2B model also works with wholesale marketplaces; when we say wholesale marketplaces, Amazon is the best example. These platforms are profitable, and BigCommerce, Shopify Plus, Magento, and Shift4 Shop are some examples of B2B platforms.

Which is the best lead generation platform for B2B?

B2B lead generation companies are needed to gain quality leads from B2B marketing companies. B2B lead generation companies work on lead generation methods like social media posts, blogs, and SEO. They also create referral programs, run ad campaigns, and sponsor posts to generate leads. Lead generation campaigns are important for collecting information like the prospects’ names and contact details with the goal of generating qualified leads and increasing sales and revenue.

B2B lead generation services

A B2B lead generation strategy can be created by engaging the target audience using different lead generation strategies. If you are looking for a B2B lead generation service, 3rd Wave Media can provide the below services.

Creating content to capture leads

We create engaging content and post them on social media to encourage your business partners to visit your website. Our team can also help you with your sponsored posts, and ad campaigns on social media networks. If you are looking for efficient content marketing, 3rd Wave Media, as a B2B lead generation company, can conduct live events, and create blog posts, videos, and eBooks that can be shared on different platforms. We can even create the best images for your content, ads, and sales pages.

Set up a referral program

It is a real fact that some of the best leads come from the customers with whom you have already done business. 3rd Wave Media, as a B2B lead generation service, can help you set up referral programs like offering discounts or freebies to gain more support. We will also provide referral ideas to help you persuade your target business partner to work with you.

Chatbots to drive leads

Adding chatbots to your website can enable visitors to ask questions at any time. We, as a B2B lead generation company, can help you set up chatbots and program them to answer different questions and queries.

Create ads and run campaigns

We can add display ads and target specific leads using social marketing services. We will also track the insights from your campaigns to improve your results. We assist B2B companies in developing account-based marketing campaigns and tracking leads with the best customer relationship management (CRM).

3rd Wave Media: A B2B lead generation agency

A B2B company not focussed on lead generation strategy is like a sitting duck hatching no eggs. Lead generation is important to maximize growth and revenue. If you focus on B2B lead generation activity strongly it builds visibility, brand credibility, interest, and trust from potential leads. In simple terms, it can be put as a great revenue generation strategy for any business and if done well can lead to another source of revenue. Grow your business with the right B2B service model and if you are looking for lead generation services, 3rd Wave Media can assist you in locating the best B2B platforms for your company. With the right tools and strategies, we ensure that more prospects visit your website. Book your appointment with us for better B2B lead generation insights.