What is Facebook Marketing?

What is Facebook Marketing?

Facebook marketing can be defined as the practice of promoting a business or brand on this social media platform. This strategy is mainly used to create brand awareness, build its strength, grow its online presence, generate leads, and sell products and services. The times have changed, and Facebook is not just a cozy space for your vacation pictures. In recent times it is the world’s largest social media network. Its initial aim was to connect people, but with social influence, it became a marketing place. Facebook marketing is best benefitted by creating a Facebook page and using Facebook ads.

Facebook page for business

Facebook pages are good for developing product visibility and reaching target customers through Facebook ads, posts, and different marketing strategies. The page often helps with brand development and awareness. It can also open doors to increase website traffic with the display of posts and ideas. A Facebook page can also help a business generate leads by showcasing products and ideas. Facebook pages are also a source to get business insights, increase engagements, and have social conversations. Adding links from a Facebook page to a website is beneficial for SEO. 

Create a Facebook page to establish your social media presence. Facebook pages are easy to get created and one can choose from categories namely business or brand and community or public figure. Like a personalized profile, a Facebook page will need a profile photo, cover photo, short description, user name, page shortcuts, and roles. Admin, Editor, Moderator, Advertiser, Analyst, and Job Manager are the few roles that can be added to Facebook pages.

The top benefits of having a Facebook page are to attract an audience. Facebook has allowed a call-to-action- button for choices like viewing or booking a service, making a purchase, donating, downloading, learning more or getting in touch with Messenger or WhatsApp buttons. 3rd Wave Media is a Facebook marketing agency in Mumbai that can help you set up a Facebook page and manage its content. We also recommend including Facebook Groups for your business and building your business community. 

Why are Facebook groups important for brands and publications?

Creating your own Facebook group will allow you to grow a community and connect with people having similar interests. A Facebook group is especially helpful for brands and publications to post cool stuff and get likes and comments. The great news is that a Facebook group offers greater opportunities for entrepreneurs, publishers, and even small businesses to interact with like-minded individuals. For instance, there are specific Facebook Groups  for businesses, brands, and even for writing to pace with the current trends of digital marketing and publishing. Another advantage of Facebook groups is the higher chance of posts getting visible to the group audience. Facebook has recently added @everyone as a tagging feature to attract all the group members. There are different types of Facebook groups and larger scope of content sharing in the forms of blogs, videos, memes, reels, and stories develops trust and builds brand loyalty. 

Facebook groups are the best place to sell or promote different types of products. Facebook group marketing can be done using discount codes and other perks for buying, which are unavailable elsewhere. It is also the best place to sell online courses or ask for subscriptions to YouTube channels, Newsletters, or even Podcasts. Facebook groups are also best for gaining better consumer feedback and steering better marketing efforts. With polls and surveys, Facebook groups can help in creating intense conversations and raw data. Your Facebook group can also serve as a tool to drive website traffic with the content you produce. One of the popular strategies is done by building email lists of group members and based on trust asking them to click the link that leads to your website. Creating a brand story online is not very easy but Facebook Group gives you the scope to be an Influencer and an expert in a particular field. Facebook Group helps to build a reputation with a wide variety of content and makes people know you better. 

How do Facebook ads work?

According to Hootsuite, “Facebook ads reach the largest potential audience of any social platform, up to 2.11 billion people as of 2022.” Focus on the below key points to understand Facebook advertising better.

Choose the objective

Facebook ads work best when focused on goals one wants to achieve from campaigns or individual ads. Under objectives, one can focus on awareness objectives. It revolves around showing ads to people who would be interested. When it comes to Facebook paid ads, reach plays a very pivotal role by showing the ads to the maximum number of audiences within the budget. One can also choose the reach according to nearby business locations.

If one has an app, it will be a good idea to link ads directly to the app store and Google Play store. Linking ads can drive traffic and grow the number of people visiting the desired website or app. It can also encourage messenger conversations and other value-added actions. The other important objectives are lead generation through lead ads. Prompting people to open messenger interactions can build personal conversations and boost sales.

Select the audience

The good part of Facebook ads is that it automatically detects the audience who might be interested in your ads. There are three audience selection tools: Core, Custom, and Lookalike. Facebook Core Audiences are set using age, interest, geography, and more. Custom audiences mean interacting with people who have made online and offline engagements with your business. The lookalike is purely interest-based like reaching new people who have similar interests like your best customers.

 Meta ads placement

Placements are spaces where one chooses to run ads. One can create a campaign or select spaces like Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, and Meta Audience Network to place an ad. Improvement of ad results is possible using multiple placements reaching increased audiences, but available placements are determined by ad type and settings. For every ad, not all placements are available, although adding more placements does not increase the cost.

Set budget and formats

Setting budgets is easy with Facebook. One can select a time period with a daily or lifetime budget to run ads. The formats can be a photo, videos, stories, Carousel, Messenger, Slideshow, Collection, and Playables.

Place order and measure

Once the ads are submitted, it goes to the Facebook ad auction. When advertisers create ads, they define their target audience and an ad auction helps the advertisements to reach the right people. When ads are running, Facebook allows tracking and editing of the campaign in Ads Manager. This helps to understand if ads are working better and are delivered efficiently. One can make tweaks and adjustments as needed.

Where do Facebook ads appear?

Facebook Ads can appear on Facebook’s website on desktops and mobile feeds. Facebook ads appear in the Facebook MarketPlace homepage or through Facebook apps. The ads also appear as organic videos on Facebook, watch video-only environments, and Facebook Feed. People browsing from a computer can see right-column ads.

Facebook Business Explore also shows the ad when someone taps business header posts or comments on mobile. Facebook ads can appear in Facebook stories and reels. It is easy to reach people with banners, stickers, and video ads as they watch reels. The best part about Facebook ads is that it can appear in instant articles within the Facebook mobile app.

3rd Wave Media as a Facebook marketing agency

Facebook marketing is for both B2B and B2C segments. Successful Facebook campaigns can reach a wider audience and increase website traffic. Facebook insights is another powerful tool for better analysis. Overall, Facebook’s marketing is good and offers global coverage. If you are looking for a Facebook paid ad agency in Mumbai, India, 3rd Wave Media is a Facebook advertising agency that can assist you with Facebook paid ads and Facebook marketing. We as a Facebook marketing agency can boost your brand with creative campaigns.